Author Tips

Creating a Post

All posts require a Post Type selection, Title, Summary, Feature Image, and a Primary Category.

To add a new post, after you log in, select “Author” in Control Bar at top of  page and then click or tap on “Add new post”.

Post Types

ANC (the Association for Neuroscience Communications that manages the Neuroscience Knowledge Network) …


Tips for Hub Managers

Adding and Editing Categories
Editing Menus
Finding and engaging Site sponsors
Adding a post to your Home Page
Adding Hub Members
Managing Curators
Managing Show Directors
Managing Hub YouTube Channel

Tips for Curators

Curators perform a number of functions for a Hub including: Editing Hub Overviews, Curating Author pPsts, Creating New Posts, and Curating a Hub’s Twitter account and YouTube Channel.

There are many benefits to curating a Hub.

Curator Benefits

  • Help develop key overviews for their profession
  • Do starter profiles for a Hub Directory on the key organizations and people in the field
  • Communicate with the key organizations and people in the field (and potentially collaborate with and find grants and positions)
  • First to see the latest and best knowledge related to their interests
  • Assist authors with improving their communication of their research and practice through posts and Aircasts
  • Help promote your field through the Hub, its posts, and newsletters that have the most current and best content
  • Earn income through revenue sharing with Open Networks based on sponsor, exhibitor, and other revenue.

Donate to this Hub

Any individual or non-profit organization can donate this Hub.

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