Noah Hochberg

Neuroscience Student, Lawrence University, Appleton, WI
Curator, Neuroscience Knowledge Network
Research Investigator, NeuroLawrence Club at Lawrence University

I am an undergraduate student majoring in neuroscience.  I discovered neuroscience in a freshman psychology course, and after completing a course entitled brain and behavior during sophomore year, I declared my major.  Currently, my interests in neuroscience include the eye and the ocular system, addiction and the opioid epidemic, neural recording and mapping, neuroanatomy and physiology, psychopharmacology, pain, movement, neurodegenerative disorders, mental health, etc.  The more I delve into my major, the more I will narrow down my interests.  I am working towards a position in graduate school after Lawrence to obtain either a masters or doctorate in neuroscience.

Todd Gillette

Future Technical Leader, Northrop Grumman
Curator, Neuroscience Knowledge Network (NKN)
PhD, Neurscience, George Mason University

Todd's dissertation was titled "Comparative topological analysis of neuronal arbors via sequence representation and alignment".

In addition to being the lead curator for NKN, Todd is overseeing the development of the Neuroscience Aircasts.

Todd has participated in the Allen Institute BigNeuron hackathon at Janelia and will be involved in the Oak Ridge hackathon Nov. 16-20, 2015.

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