Eric L. Olson

Outreach Coordinator, PressForward Project, Center for History and New Media
Director, Science Communication Network Initiative, National Science Communication Institute
Asst. Project Director, Open Scholarship Initiative

Focuses on open access, science literacy, and media literacy advocate. Communication specialist with extensive postgraduate training and experience with science outreach, science communication evaluation, proposal editing, web content development, and relationship building.

Meredith Cary, PsyD – Health Psychologist

Clinical Health Psychologist

Phone: 703-447-8011
Address: 1234 19th Street, NW #901 Washington, DC 20036

Practice Website:
Hubmaster: Insomnia Hub; CBT Hub; and Social Media & Health Hub

Bob Weigel, PhD Physics… George Mason

Associate Professor, George Mason University
Director, Space Weather Lab - Department of Physics and Astronomy

My research involves two broad areas: Space Weather (or Space Plasma Physics) and Data Sciences. My research interests include magnetospheric physics and geomagnetism, solar wind/magnetosphere/ionosphere coupling, inverse methods for magnetospheric modeling, nonlinear dynamics, decision theory applied to rare event forecasting, scientific visualization, and large-scale time series databases.

Maria Dworzecka, PhD… Chair GMU Physics

Professor of Physics, George Mason University
Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Dworzecka's research interests include investigating the dynamical properties of low energy heavy ion collisions, with the goal of understanding the basic reaction mechanism and the associated nuclear excitation modes. The emphasis is on gaining insight into the basic physical process rather than model building. She has developed computer software for use in upper level physics courses and WEB resources for lower level physics and astronomy courses.

Sasha Rosser

B.S., Neuroscience, George Mason University

Sasha Rosser is interested in neurogenetics, informatics, ethology, and the biological bases of language ability.

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