Tips for Neuroscience Hub Members


Below are some tips for Neuroscience Hub Members.

Participating on the site enables you to

  • Optimize your conference connections & learning
  • Promote your research among the larger Health Communication community & other fields
  • Translate your research to the public
  • Increase your professional visibility and influence – globally & interprofessionally

Login using the silhouette icon at the upper right.

If your login does not work, enter your email address instead. If you are still having problems, contact Scott Joy at


Find People

Find people under the “Participants” tab. From a laptop or desktop, you view a slide show of profiles. Below the slider are corresponding widgets. Filter widgets to see text or pictures only (using the icons on the left). On smart phones, you only view the widgets.

Find Posts

Find posts on the panels under the “Thursday, Friday, and Saturday” tabs.  Meredith Cary, who oversees the Open Network Health Hubs, selected Hub Tags for each, based on the “Health Comm” categories. After the conference, profiles and posts will be shared with (appear in) the Health Communication Hub, according to these Hub Tags. (You can change these Tags.)

Comment on profiles and posts

Comment on profiles and posts (in the ‘Comment’ field). Ask questions, give feedback, and/or directly communicate with the author(s) to connect before, during, or after the conference.

More Information

For those members with Profiles

You can find your profile by typing in your name in the Search field at the upper left of each page. You can also find people under the “Participants” tab. Some people may appear in multiple categories. On a laptop or desktop screen (1280 pixel resolution or higher), you will see a slide show of profiles. Below the slider are corresponding widgets where you can turn on or off the text and pictures from the icons on the left. On smart phones, you will only see the widget view.

For in person participants, we have started your profile with content from your public university site and/or other public websites like LinkedIn.  You can edit your profile in a manner similar to using an Word document. For editing tips, go the “Author” tab after you login.

Each profile has a Brief Summary of 200 characters or less and an Extended Summary of 600 characters or less. All Extended Summaries have a “Hub Tags” section which identifies the existing or soon to be created Health Communication Hub you might interested in. All DCHC members are also members of the Health Comm Hub. Sometime in mid-May, all the profiles and posts in the DCHC site will be copied to one or more Health Comm Hubs. At this time, we recommend you continue editing and comment on the Health Comm and other related Hubs.

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