Inscopix believes that uncovering causal neural circuit dynamics is the key to truly understanding the brain.

Inscopix recognize that current challenges in studying brain function and dysfunction are handicapped by the inability to monitor large groups of neurons at single-cell resolution. Inscopix understands the need to acquire large-scale neural circuit activity data in naturally behaving subjects. With their flagship miniaturized microscope system, nVista HD, Inscopix is enabling you to gather unprecedented data sets in any brain area in awake behaving subjects, to make breakthrough scientific discoveries.

Inscopix and Miniature Microscopes

Inscopix is a discovery-phase neuroscience company in Palo Alto, CA, that develops integrated solutions for understanding the brain in action. Inscopix serves its clients in over a hundred academic and neuropharmaceutical research laboratories through its flagship brain imaging product, nVista, data analytics suite, Mosaic, and training workshops.

We have assembled here a number of videos about Inscopix: its products, people, and researchers.

Thousand Neurons Subscription

A new technology-as-a-service initiative called "Thousand Neurons" allows neuroscientists to economically acquire the nVista microscopy system, a cutting edge technology for large-scale brain activity imaging in freely behaving animals, through a $1,000 per month subscription plan.

"There is an urgent need to level the playing field by democratizing access to new neurotechnologies to a wider spectrum of researchers. The magnitude of the mapping goals set forth by the BRAIN Initiative demands a dramatic shift within the neuroscience community," says Kunal Ghosh, Ph.D., CEO of Inscopix.

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