Allen Institute

Allen Institute's mission is to accelerate the understanding of how the human brain works in health and disease. Allen has been a major catalyst and facilitator of The BRAIN Initiative.

Launched in 2003 with a seed contribution from founder and philanthropist Paul G. Allen, the Allen Institute takes on large-scale initiatives designed to push brain research forward, enabling the global scientific community to more efficiently make discoveries that bring real-world utility.

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

The Salk Institute was established in the 1960s by Jonas Salk, M.D., the developer of the polio vaccine.

Today the major areas of study at Salk are: molecular biology and genetics, neurosciences, and plant biology. Salk research provides new understanding and potential new therapies and treatments for a range of diseases—from cancer, AIDS and Alzheimer's disease, to cardiovascular disorders, anomalies of the brain and birth defects.

Mayo Clinic Neuroscience

Mayo Clinic has multiple centers of neuroscience research activity. In Rochester Minnesota, the main organizational center is the Department of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering and in Florida, the Department of Neuroscience at Mayo Clinic.

Other Mayo Neuroscience related programs and centers include a PhD program in Neurobiology, an Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Center for Advanced Imaging Research, Migraine Research Program, Parkinson's Disease Research Center, and the Traumatic Brain Injury Program.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is a private, not-for-profit research and education institution at the forefront of molecular biology and genetics.

CSHL research generates knowledge that will yield better diagnostics and treatments for cancer, neurological diseases and other major diseases, and that will lead to improved and more diverse food resources and more efficient biofuels. The Watson School of Biological Sciences trains the next generation of scientists through an innovative Ph.D. program and other educational offerings.

Janelia Farm

The Janelia Research Campus is a research campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute focusing on neuroscience and imaging.

Chemists, physicists, computational scientists, and engineers work in close collaboration with biologists to tackle problems in neuroscience and imaging. At the interface of these two research areas are approaches to map the structure of neural circuits and monitor their function during animal behavior.

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