University of Michigan Neuroscience

The longest-standing neuroscience graduate program in the United States, we are a collegial and interactive group that performs research across the breadth of the neuroscience field.

The University of Michigan Neuroscience program captures the excitement and interdisciplinary collaboration intrinsic to the field of neuroscience by drawing on the expertise of over 120 faculty members from more than 20 departments.Primary research fields include: Sensory & Computational Neuroscience, Developmental Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience,Behavioral Neuroscience,Molecular Neuroscience, and Clinical Neuroscience.

Brain States and Consciousness: Mysteries of the Brain

"Neurobiologist Orie Shafer at the University of Michigan is trying to understand how the brain's cells communicate in order to control sleep patterns. To help solve this mystery, Shafer is teaming up with mathematician Victoria Booth to study a tiny and very unlikely specimen: the fruit fly.

"Mysteries of the Brain" is produced by NBC Learn in partnership with the NSF."

NSF BRAIN Initiative
Published June 17, 2015

Euisik Yoon, PhD – Michigan

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan
Principal Investigator, Yoon Lab

Yoon's research group realizes self-contained microsystems that combine and process natural signals (such as bio, chemical, optical and thermal signals) as well as electrical signals on a single chip platform by integrating new MEMS/nano structures with low-power, wireless VLSI circuits and systems.

Yoon Lab – Michigan

Principal Investigator: Euisik Yoon
University of Michigan Neuroscience

SSEL has a very broad research program in all aspects of solid-state devices and technologies, including solid-state physics and theory, integrated photonics and optoelectronics, organic and molecular electronics, optical displays and devices, microwave devices and circuits, semiconductor materials, nanotechnology and nanofabrication, integrated RF, analog, digital, and VLSI circuits, solid-state sensors, actuators, micro electromechanical systems, and integrated microsystem.

Optoelectrodes for Local Circuit Analysis

Principal Investigator: Euisik Yoon
UMich Neuroscience
Title: " Modular High-Density Optoelectrodes for Local Circuit Analysis"
BRAIN Category: Large-Scale Recording-Modulation - New Technologies (RFA NS-14-007)

In this project, Dr. Yoon's team will make devices for optogenetics, a technique that enables scientists to turn neurons on and off with flashes of light, more precise and diverse by integrating multiple light sources in such a way as to enable the control of specific neuronal circuits.

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