Judy Illes, PhD – UBC

Professor of Neurology and Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics at University of British Columbia
Director of the National Core for Neuroethics at UBC

Dr. Illes is a co-Founder and Member of the Governing Board of the International Neuroethics Society. As a pioneer and eminent scholar in the field of Neuroethics, she has made ground-making contributions to ethical, social, and policy challenges at the intersection of biomedical ethics and neuroscience, including advances in stem cells, neuroimaging, neuroscience and the law, and the commercialization of health care.

National Core for Neuroethics at UBC

The National Core for Neuroethics is an interdisciplinary research group dedicated to tackling the ethical, legal, policy and social implications of frontier technological developments in the neurosciences.

The Core’s major research projects are focused on high impact, high visibility areas including cognitive enhancement, ethics in neurodegeneration and regenerative medicine, international and cross-cultural challenges in brain research, neuroimaging in the private sector, and the ethics of personalized medicine,.

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