Brandeis University

Brandeis University has a highly interactive research culture, with many cross-lab interactions and collaborations. This interactive culture begins with the rotation program: all first-year PhD students perform rotations in 4 research labs.

Brandeis has significant expertise in behavioral/cognitive neuroscience, cellular and molecular neuroscience, computational neuroscience and systems neuroscience (including the Sloan-Swartz Center for Theoretical Neuroscience), and developmental neuroscience.

Combining genetics, genomics & anatomy

Principal Investigator: Sacha B. Nelson
Brandeis University
Title: Combining genetics, genomics, and anatomy to classify cell types across mammals"
BRAIN Category: Census of Cell Types (RFA MH-14-215)

To gain a deeper understanding of how cells have evolved specialized features, Dr. Nelson and colleagues will create transgenic strains of rats and mice that carry identical genetic modifications in many different cell types and see how the properties of these cells diverge across species.

Eve Marder, PhD – Brandeis

Professor of Neuroscienc, Brandeis University
Member of the Advisory Committee to the NIH Director

Marder studies the dynamics of small neuronal networks, and her work was instrumental in demonstrating that neuronal circuits are not “hard-wired” but can be reconfigured by neuromodulatory neurons and substances to produce a variety of outputs. Her lab pioneered studies of homeostatic regulation of intrinsic membrane properties, and stimulated work on the mechanisms by which brains remain stable while allowing for change during development and learning.

Nelson Lab – Brandeis

Principal Investigator: Sacha B. Nelson
Brandeis University

Despite their functional and clinical importance, the cell types that comprise the neocortex and the molecular mechanisms that specify their properties and connectivity are only partly understood. Nelson Lab studies the development and function of the neocortex in the laboratory mouse using a combination of genetic, genomic and electrophysiological approaches.

Sacha Nelson, MD, PhD – Brandeis

Professor of Biology, Brandeis University
Director, Nelson Lab

Sacha Nelson's research focuses on understanding the cell types and circuits that comprise the mammalian neocortex, and how these circuits are altered by normal experience and during disease. His work employs a combination of electrophysiology, anatomy and mouse genetics and genomics to define cortical cell types and to identify alterations in cortical connectivity in epilepsy and autism spectrum disorders.

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