ENIGMA mapping brain’s genetic code

The ENIGMA Network is an international network that brings together researchers in imaging genomics, neurology and psychiatry, to understand brain structure and function, based on MRI, DTI, fMRI, genetic data and many patient populations.

Enigma is an acronym for Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta Analysis. ENIGMA has found 8 common gene mutations leading to brain age in over 30,000 brain scans that may some day unlock mysteries of Alzheimer’s, autism and other neurological disorders.

Link to ENIGMA Hub

USC Neuroscience

University of Southern California (USC) has neuroscience undergraduate and graduate programs in addition to its USC Keck School of Medicine.

USC has numerous neuroscience related research centers and labs including: USC Imaging Genetics Center; LONI Laboratory of Neuro Imaging; Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute; USC Brain and Creativity Institute; USC Davis School of Gerontology; and
USC Neurorestoration Center.

Charles Liu, MD/PhD – USC

Professor of Neurological Surgery and Neurology, Keck School of Medicine
Director, USC Neurorestoration Center
Surgical Director, USC Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Dr. Liu also serves as associate chief medical officer and chair of neurosurgery and spine at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Medical Center. Dr. Liu has had a long-standing collaboration with scientists at the Caltech. His principal research interests relate to developing advanced treatment strategies for restoring function to the damaged nervous system through engineering and technology.

Robert Shannon, PhD – USC

Research Professor, USC Otolaryngology and USC Biomedical Engineering and Adjunct Professor, USC Neuroscience
Member of Multi-Council Working Group (NIDCD council)

Dr. Shannon's research has focused primarily on prosthetic electrical stimulation to restore hearing: cochlear implants, brainstem implants and midbrain implants. His research programs range from the biophysics and psychophysics of electrical stimulation of the auditory system, to speech pattern recognition and the design of signal processing for prosthetic devices.

Arthur Toga: 2013 Allen Symposium

"Brain mapping and integrating multimodal data across subjects and projects."

Dr. Arthur Toga is Provost Professor of Ophthalmology, Neurology, Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences, Radiology and Engineering at the University of Southern California, and serves as the inaugural Director of the USC Institute for Neuroimaging and Informatics.

Dr. Toga also holds an appointment in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and a leading authority on neuroimaging, informatics, mapping brain structure and function, and brain atlasing,

The quest to understand consciousness

"Every morning we wake up and regain consciousness -- that is a marvelous fact -- but what exactly is it that we regain? Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio uses this simple question to give us a glimpse into how our brains create our sense of self."

Filmed March 2011 at TED 2011
Uploaded to YouTube on December 18, 2011 by TED

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