CBT-I Live #1 – 11.28.16

Tens of millions in the U.S. struggle with insomnia and too few know that doctors actually prefer CBT-I (over pills), a therapy that has a proven 70 to 80% success rate for ending insomnia. Our online streaming chats will spotlight CBT-I specialists who will share what they know. They’ll suggest all the ways to get affordable, accessible CBT-I help – anywhere.

Join us … send us questions … participate by sharing your CBT-I success stories. Help save lives (lost in drowsy driving fatalities or drug addiction) by sharing our shows with your networks!

Robin Hanson CN3 presentation

Dr. Robin Hanson will give a presentation to the CN3 faculty and students on his new book ...
The Age of Em“Work, Love and Life when Robots Rule the Earth”

Time: 11am   Date: September 27, 2016
Place: 229 Krasnow
George Mason University
Fairfax, Va. 22030

Broadcast details: This onAir broadcast will be streamed live from this post as well as the BHM You Tube here.

Krasnow Monday Seminar -10.31.16

TITLE:  Challenges & successes in neuroscience data sharing
SPEAKER:  Giorgio Ascoli (Krasnow Institute, George Mason University)

DATE: Monday, 31 October, 2016
TIME: 4:00-5:00pm
LOCATION: Lecture Room (Room 229)
Krasnow Institute Building
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA

Trees of the Brain Presentation

Mason Publishing, the George Mason University Libraries, and the University Bookstore present Mason University Professor Giorgio Ascoli, and his book Trees of the Brain, Roots of the Mind, in the kickoff of the Mason Author Series.

This inaugural event of the series, which is sponsored by the George Mason University Bookstore, was held in the Fenwick Library Main Reading Room, on Tuesday, March 29th, at 2:30 p.m.

Mind Guild IIT Review- 1/13/16

Title: The Problem with Phi: A Critique of Integrated Information Theory
Author: Michael A. Cerullo

Presenter: Todd Gillette
Moderator: Harold Morowitz

Time: 12 pm  EST
Date: Dec. 7, 2015
Place: Krasnow Institute
YouTube Page

BigNeuron Presentation 9-29-15

Dr. Todd Gillette gave a presentation on the BigNeuron project to CN3 faculty and students and took questions and feedback from Hangout participants on Tuesday September 29, 2015.

View on YouTube

Todd Gillette, PhD Neuroscience

hangout Participants:
Sumit Nanda, Hanchuan Peng, Yinan Wan, Xiaoxiao Liu, and Zhi Zhou

BRAIN 2015 Live 9-25-15

Friday September 4, 2015 4PM EDT
View on YouTube

Host: Todd Gillette, PhD
Panelists: Michele Ferrante, PhD and Sumit Nanda, PhD candidate

Topics for Discussion:
> Bioelectricity Can Control Brain Development
> Ultrasonic Neuromodulation In Vivo
> Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research

BRAIN 2015 Live 9.4.15

BRAIN 2015 Review of the Week
Friday September 4, 2015
Host: Todd Gillette, PhD
Panelists: Katie Yang, Sumit Nanda

Segment 1: “Noise in mental exploration for learning”
Segment 2: “Decoding and Modulation of Human Language”
Segment 3: “Neural Approaches to Understanding Science Text”
Segment 4: “PSU Institute of Neurosciences”
Segment 5: “The BRAIN Initiative at SfN 2015”

BRAIN 2015 Live – 8.14.15

4 pm EDT - For week of August 1 to August 7, 2015

I- Multi-Council Working Group Meeting 7/30/15 (BRAIN Initiative)

II- Activity measurement at single cell (NIH grant)

III- I am a connectome (Video)

IV- Neuromorpho.org (Brain Mapping)

Host: Todd Gillette;
Panelists: Sasha Rosser; Katie Yang, Michele Ferrante

BRAIN 2015 Live – 8.7.15

For week of July 25 to July 31 - Start time: 4pm EDT.

I- Multi-Council Working Group Meeting 7/31/15

II- Patrick Kanold- Crowd coding in the brain

III- Calcium sensors for molecular fMRI

IV- Mind-controlled quadcopter (video)

Panelists: Todd Gillette (host), Alexandra Rosser (Hubmaster)

BRAIN 2015 HOA- 7.31.15

Weekly Review of best posts - week of July 18 to July 24
Start time: 4pm EDT. Your host is Todd Gillette.

Story of the Week- GE & NFL Head Health Challenge 1 awards

Person of the Week - Cori Bargmann, PdD - Rockefeller

Organization of the Week - Stanford Neurosciences Institute

Research of the Week - Cell Type Characterization Platform

Video of the Week - Understanding the Mind by Mapping the Brain

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