Google Hangout with Christof Koch

This Hangout was live streamed on Tuesday Jan. 13, 2015. Christof Koch, Chief Scientist at the Allen Institute, was the presenter. It was part of an MIT edX course on the the neuroscience of vision.

Hangout participants included Sebastian Seung, the course lead who is now at Princeton; Claire O'Connell of MIT who was the class organizer, and a number of the best students from the class around the world.

Brain Observatories Live Webcast

The Kavli Foundation had a live (Hangout On Air) webcast on October 30, 2015 about the proposal for a national network of neurotechnology centers, or 'brain observatories.'

Three of the paper’s authors – Miyoung Chun of The Kavli Foundation, Michael Roukes of the California Institute of Technology and Rafael Yuste of Columbia University – answered the public's questions about what these observatories could achieve.

White House Hangouts on the brain

The White House Office of Science and Technology has sponsored a number of live streamed Hangouts about future technology including a few on the brain and the BRAIN Initiative.

In this post, we highlight two Hangouts On Air: one focused on "Understanding the Human Brain" and the second from "We the Geeks" on Grand Challenges.

BRAIN MCWG meeting 8.2.16

This is open session of the fifth meeting of the NIH BRAIN Multi-council Working Group.

The Multi-Council Working Group provides ongoing oversight of the long-term scientific vision of the BRAIN initiative, as endorsed by the ACD, in the context of the evolving neuroscience landscape. It also serves as a forum for initial “concept clearance,” the review of ideas for new initiatives before they become funding announcements. In addition, the working group ensures that each of the BRAIN IC Advisory Councils is informed about BRAIN Initiatives, awards and progress – a critical point as the individual IC Advisory Councils will perform the formal second level of review of BRAIN Initiative applications. Finally, the working group regularly offers an assessment of the progress of current projects and programs supported by the BRAIN Initiative.

Special Symposium: Neuroscience in the 21st Century

October 1, 2-5 pm EDT
Webcast from Washington, D.C.
Moderated by Alan Leshner, CEO Emeritus, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Hosted by The Kavli Foundation

This special "mini-symposium"looked at the future of neuroscience and the BRAIN Initiative by hearing from some of the nation’s top neuroscientists, as well as leaders from key federal funding agencies..

Bolstering the Investment in Brain Research

Bipartisan Briefing from Capitol Hill on a new commitment to support brain research and an update on the BRAIN Initiative.

October 1, 2015 at 9:30 - 11:00 am EDT
United States Capitol Visitor Center, Washington, D.C.

Sponsored by The Kavli Foundation

NIH Neuroscience Challenges

NIH Data Science Distinguished Seminar Series
Towards Solutions to Experimental and Computational Challenges in Neuroscience
Air date: Friday, August 14, 2015, 11:00 AM videocast

Drs. Christof Koch and Emery Brown will describe the computational or experimental challenges associated with Big Data in their respective domains of neuroscience. From the basic to applied realms, science is being transformed by the collection of data on increasingly finer resolutions, both spatially and temporally. Storing, accessing, and analyzing these data create numerous challenges and opportunities.

Early Access to Neuromodulation and Recording

NIH BRAIN Initiative Workshop: Industry Partnerships to Facilitate Early Access to Neuromodulation and Recording Devices for Human Clinical Studies

TIME: 12:00:00 PM DATE: June 3 and 4, 2015

PLACE: Neuroscience Center Building (NSC)

Live NIH Videocast (archived after seminar)

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