BRAIN MCWG meeting 8.2.16

This is open session of the fifth meeting of the NIH BRAIN Multi-council Working Group.

The Multi-Council Working Group provides ongoing oversight of the long-term scientific vision of the BRAIN initiative, as endorsed by the ACD, in the context of the evolving neuroscience landscape. It also serves as a forum for initial “concept clearance,” the review of ideas for new initiatives before they become funding announcements. In addition, the working group ensures that each of the BRAIN IC Advisory Councils is informed about BRAIN Initiatives, awards and progress – a critical point as the individual IC Advisory Councils will perform the formal second level of review of BRAIN Initiative applications. Finally, the working group regularly offers an assessment of the progress of current projects and programs supported by the BRAIN Initiative.

Early Access to Neuromodulation and Recording

NIH BRAIN Initiative Workshop: Industry Partnerships to Facilitate Early Access to Neuromodulation and Recording Devices for Human Clinical Studies

TIME: 12:00:00 PM DATE: June 3 and 4, 2015

PLACE: Neuroscience Center Building (NSC)

Live NIH Videocast (archived after seminar)

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