Human Connectome Project map

New brain map provides unprecedented detail in 180 areas of the cerebral cortex. This new map of the brain combines data from four different imaging technologies to essentially bring high-definition to brain scanning for the first time.

Aids in dentifying biological markers for a host of neurological diseases and mental illnesses, and the new knowledge may aid neurosurgeons who need to know exactly what sort of tissue they are operating on.

Human Connectome Project

The Human Connectome Project (HCP) is a five-year project sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, split between two consortia of research institutions.

The project was launched in July 2009 as the first of three Grand Challenges of the NIH's Blueprint for Neuroscience Research.

The goal of the Human Connectome Project is to build a "network map" that will shed light on the anatomical and functional connectivity within the healthy human brain, as well as to produce a body of data that will facilitate research into brain disorders.

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