Judy Illes, PhD – UBC

Professor of Neurology and Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics at University of British Columbia
Director of the National Core for Neuroethics at UBC

Dr. Illes is a co-Founder and Member of the Governing Board of the International Neuroethics Society. As a pioneer and eminent scholar in the field of Neuroethics, she has made ground-making contributions to ethical, social, and policy challenges at the intersection of biomedical ethics and neuroscience, including advances in stem cells, neuroimaging, neuroscience and the law, and the commercialization of health care.

Karen Rommelfanger, PhD – Emory

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology at Emory University
Secondary appointment, Department of Psychiatry
Program Director, Emory’s Neuroethics Program

Dr. Rommelfanger's current research explores the nature and utility of placebo using Psychogenic Movement Disorders as a therapeutic model. She is also the Neuroscience Editor-in-Residence for the American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience.

NeuroEthics Women Leaders

NeuroEthicsWomen (NEW) Leaders aims to continue to cultivate professional networks and skills for women currently in and entering into the field of neuroethics by way of a women in neuroethics network.

The NEW Leaders web site aims to act as a living document reflecting the scholarly work and progress in the field of neuroethics by its NEW Leaders and also serves as a resource for professional development and networking.

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